Great Master,

Forgive me for my imperfect service.

Clear my vision and my heart.

Cleanse me, Purify me,

Fill me with Your holy Light.

Give me the strength and the ability to serve You well.

I Serve the Light, I Abjure the Darkness.

I Serve the Light, I Abjure the Darkness.

I Serve the Light, I Abjure the Darkness.

Love unto You, Master.


Translation and Notes: I have heard Michael speak variations of this after a long day when he is tired, or when he has been injured after battle. He taught me to say it, so that I can, quote, “Serve the Master properly.” And by “Master” he means, of course, God.  (That said, he makes no specific reference to a Christian, Judaic, or other religion’s deity–he only refers to the Higher Power as his “Master,” “God,” or sometimes “the Source” or “the Light.”)

As far as purity, Michael also makes me bathe in salt water every night. I use scented bath salts, the epsom salt kind, with natural essential oils only.  He prefers ones with rose essential oil–actual rose oil only, no substitutes.  Sometimes, however,  requests mint for extra cleansing.   He usually blesses the bath water so as to, quote, “cleanse me of impurities” (I suspect, so that he can stand to be around me).   He insists on this ritual, as well as avoiding all alcohol and drugs.   He barely allows me to drink coffee, lol.  He is constantly riding me to drink less.


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