“The death toll of the [Gaziantep, Turkey] earthquake will reach 53,250. Not counting those killed in the conflict midway through cleanup.

However, the insurgence of fresh blood, although with that dark/innocent spilled, will ultimately bring destruction to the death-king of the Syrian Nation.”

–Unknown, possibly Uriel or Tzaphkial

Translation: I typed dark/innocent together because he transmitted the word “innocent” on top of the image of dark blood pooling from beneath buildings. He meant that the spilled blood of innocents, along with the arrival of “fresh blood” meaning assistance from outside Turkey and Syria, will bring about the removal of the current Syrian leader… I think. And I am very sorry to hear that the death toll will be so high. 🙁

I am unable to discern who is speaking in this case, but it isn’t Michael. The entity has a bit of Uriel’s powerful energy, but some of the dark tone of voice like Tzaphkiel or even Tzadkial. I mention the last only because Tzadkial often speaks of death. My apologies.


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